Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday!!! I'm off on vacation bliss!!!!

lovies, i hope you all enjoyed a wonderful week!
mine was so so, and that's probably because I was too excited about this: late tonight (like the usual time Darling Friend goes to work, in the early a.m.) me and bf are leaving on a week vacation!!!! and... wait for it.... staying with his parents!

we are Roadtripping it across the states. Our first stop-off will be in Atlanta (Max went to school there- GA Tech), then Virginia where his parents live. I would be really nervous (i still am BUT it could be worse...) but I've already met them when they visited him here. (we were best friends, remember?) Still, they will meet me as his girlfriend. And we'll stay there together with them. Wish me luck girls!!! I'm really nervous about meeting his sister because i seem to be such the opposite of her.

I even did the crazy thing of asking Max if he thought they'd like me more than his ex gf. (I know right? like he'd tell me the truth. *wink)

I am just sooo excited about getting away with my boy. and on an actual road trip! he's also going to take me to D.C. and i am SOOOO EXCITED about that. i've never seen the Capital!!!

i am going to miss my twinkie :( and my puppy Maverick! omg, you have no idea how much i'm sad about not being able to take her. I just don't think she could handle that long in the car, plus she's still so much a puppy i'm afraid she would drive Max's parents crazy. Sigh, I miss her already.

i'm also going to miss reading your blogs and posting, but i will be sure to catch up when i get back. So until NEXT Monday my lovies....

big kisses!!! xo

and wish me extra luck with his family !

*couple pic via le love.


The Socialite said...

oh my gosh - how fun! I am sending you mad love & luck your way. But pshhh you don't need it - it's in the bag! ;)

have tons of fun & take loads of pictures, I want to see this big adventure! :))


thank you my dear ...

Courtney said...

You guys are going to have so much fun and I am so jealous! His family is going to LOVE you..You have nothing to worry about!

Enjoy your fabulous week love!!

mina said...

Road trips are the best. Hope you have a great time!

Anonymous said...

have aa great trip... you will be missed... they love u!

PS love these to picss you posted... so dreamy

Anonymous said...

horrible spelling... from new cellphone...urgh
they will


Farah said...

omg, that sounds like so much fun! I am incredibly jealous right now! lol
dont worry about the sis my dear, I'm sure she will love you. it's in the bag!;)

Geisslein said...

Beautiful pictures and a cute post! I wish you a great,funny and happy time! greetings from germany, geisslein

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