Friday, June 5, 2009


today i had a moment of clarity.
i experienced ten emotions in ten minutes. ok more like 5 minutes.
i have OFFICIALLY closed a chapter of my life.

i have put it away.
i am done with it.
i want no more of it.

in any form.

and this...
this feels freeing.

this feels good.
because i can concentrate on my life, my life that is moving on and just now getting really good. i can focus on my heart.
And really not focus... but fall into place with what maybe God had in mind all along.

i'm not going to question anymore.
i'm not going to wonder anymore.
i'm not.

clarity... i've found you.

*pic a diversion of one on the inspiring Ms. Muse.


brown eyed girl said...

congrats! I love that feeling.

The Socialite said...

hugs all around and glasses raised! moments of clairty should never be understanded. Ever. Life's too short. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! And that post just brought a smile to my face. I feel your empowerment through my computer screen....Congrats!

Micaela said...

thank-you thank-you for visiting and please come back often! your little girl is beautiful!!! just like your writing.

we both feel the same way about Robert Pattison & fondou. ;)

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