Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"freeing yourself up for something better."

i watched this movie tonight with my Momma. It was maybe my 3rd time? And i STILL felt the same hope and sadness.

My Momma couldn't believe i would want to watch it again... until not even far into the movie she goes, "I get it... it's all you."

she got it. she got me.

i could relate with jennifer aniston's character Beth.
i could relate with scarlett johanson's character Anna.
i could relate to jennifer connely's character Janine.

except in my life, Beth didn't get a proposal.
and unlike Anna, i didn't leave when i should have.
LIKE Janine, i'm starting over.

the one character i couldn't relate to was the main character Gigi.
i think now... because of being a Beth/Anna/Janine, I'm ready to be like Alex (cute Justin Long). Ready to make a commitment now.

and actually, maybe like Gigi...?
i will love like her again.

because you know what they say, "the best kind of relationships start from friendships..."

and to him:
you're my exception.


Nicole Marie said...

i love reading your little stories on life.

Belen said...

thanks for reminding me that i need to get my hands on a copy of that movie! i loved it as well. i can hardly say i relate to any of them, but i think i'd relate to gigi in tiny areas here and there. like how she stresses herself up over a guy who really doesn't actually care or how she's kinda clueless to cues. haha yeah that's me.

The Socialite said...

awe, this was a sweet post. I was going out to rent it yesterday but the thunderstorms stopped me! :( But I can't wait to see it. Maybe this weekend over some glasses of wine?!

Micaela said...

xo to Nicole. That is the sweetest thing you've ever said and it means a lot!!!

Belen, well like gigi you shall have a lovely guy and be his exception to every rule. I just KNOW he'll be as hot as the Mac guy! ;) (which is hot to me, though my Mom didn't really think so lol)

Vanessa, YES!!! with wine, the better!!! let me know what you think and i hope i didn't ruin it for you. crap lol we'll discuss sweetie

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