Friday, June 19, 2009

our friday picture exchange

some of you have met my lauren by now from her new cute-as-her blog.
we (along with twinkie) constantly email each other while at work. I like to think we're keeping each other company.

our emails are pretty entertaining. Leave it up to twinkie to send us the PostSecrets every Monday and the latest Perez Hilton Gossip about our fave celebs.

On Fridays, we have TGIF Friday pictures, where we snap a pic of ourselves on our cell phones and email them to each other. We're dorks like that, but i love it!!! Twinkie's cell camera is messed up, so she was left out this week. Here's lo's and mine.

I look queasy cos of the color in our stockroom lol and my blackberry doesn't take as good pics as Lo's cell (weird right?) but i was trying to show lo my nails. At first i hated them- i don't do color cos it makes my fingers look even chubbier, but my sweet nail lady talked me into it. I'm a sucker and she was telling me about these new kits they were excited about and i could tell no one was using them and felt bad. I thought my whole nail was going to be red, not just the tip. They've grown on me now... i suppose it's trendy.

i love my girls. love them!


Krissa said...

How fun! I want to be included in on those emails :) haha....
love the nails too...I like getting the tips done in black too!
Happy Friday!

The Socialite said...

That would totally keep me pumped through out the day! P.s. I'm like the red tips! Very vixen-y. ;)

Micaela said...

Krissa what's your email? ;) haha you're so cute! I love getting my toe nails in black and have painted my nails black so i may have to try out the black tips! i've been wanting to get the french tips with the thin line of silver, you know what i mean? i may try that next time. HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU TOO!!!

vanessa i feel like a vixen now, thank you!!! :) xo

Kara said...

Aww, but I love those red tips! I think they're fun :)

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