Monday, June 15, 2009

Can you imagine running into an old flame... at 90?

"Suddenly he popped up from the table like a piece of toast and went to greet a lady who had just entered the café. And, he seated her at the table in a way I’ve never seen a man tend a lady. Her name, I later learned, was Marjorie. They had known each other since the 1930’s but this unexpected rendez-vous was the first in a long time."

*found on by-geisslein, read/see more darling pics here.


Geisslein said...

Aren´t they LOVELY?!they are SO CUTE!I wish I had the chance to watch them while they´re date...
Wish you a great week and thank you for your always cute comments!!! hugs from germany ;o)

Micaela said...

yes SOOO CUTE!!! :)
thanks for sharing this adorable story.

you always have the cutest pics/things on your lovely blog.

hugs and kisses from texas

ONiC said...

aww sweet pic

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