Monday, March 9, 2009

She will ALWAYS be my baby.

C sent me this email:

She says "woof woof woooof woof Mommy". Translated, "Happy Happy Super Birthday Mommy"! love you!

he says lola has a habit now of jumping and laying on the coffee table. lol I remember once upon a time when she was so little and could dart really fast underneath it. sigh... i miss those times.


Nicole Marie said...

awww. is she a maltese?? i have a maltese! tey could be friends!

Ethan said...

I want a MORKIE. Or would that be a Yorktese?

Micaela said...

She's a bichon frise :) they can stil be friends!!! your pup was sooo adorable on the beach. Cute!!!

Micaela said...

ethan- morkie's are ADORABLE!!!!

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