Monday, March 16, 2009

THE cutest pic ever of my little Lola.

I referred to her today as my ex-dog, but I'm still her Mommy and thankfully C still refers to me as such, and sends me pics and tells me the cute little things she learned to do. Like jumping on the coffee table and laying down. C didn't like it at first, but I thought it was adorable!!!

especially when I get a pic like this, telling me she got bored listening to the MSU game.

*look, she's TOTALLY smiling

i loooove her soooo much!!! and i can not wait to get Bono even more now! :) they'll be sisters.


The Socialite said...

awe, she's so precious! ;)


oh look at her! she's so cute!!!

( thank you so much for the greeting comment! :) )

Nicole Marie said...

awww so sweett!!

Amanda said...

oh you are so right, that's is the cutest! i love it when i can catch my dog, ollie, being so cute!

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