Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Things i Love... Around my Home.

First of all, let me tell my fiance what a wonderful time i had on our staycation. The Craddock Terry Hotel is gorgeous with it's architectural charms (i love exposed brick), picnic basket breakfast served to your door in the morning, the delicious waterstone pizza in the next building- connected to the hotel- made for a lovely dinner... everything was magical. But most of all, i loved staying up late with you, enjoying the HUGE tub with whirlpool goodness, sharing a bottle of wine and just talking. I loved that more than anything. THANK YOU husband-to-be. You are my life. xoxo

It's Tuesday, so besides LOST, that means another fun round of decor show-and-tell at BacWoods Fern. My two things today are special to me, because they are pressies from my dear friends.

i love my La Dolce Vita sign, a Christmas gift from my bestie Marisa. Underneath, is the sweetest heart garland from my dear friend Melissa at Design Delights. She sewed them just for me, and sent them along in the sweetest Valentine card. I strung them up right in the entryway leading to our kitchen. The 2nd picture is what you see when you come through our front door; the hearts frame my "amore" sign up on top of our cupboards perfectly. I love it!

the second thing i am loving at Casa di M is our new All Modern Flask & 8 piece (only 4 are shown here) serving set. This was a lucky giveaway win hosted by my friend Adrienne at Mustard Seed Collective. Seriously, i was the girl who never won at raffles/silent auctions... I have been feeling pretty lucky lately. I'm glad i won these cos Max really liked them and i told him that once i meet friends in our new city, i couldn't wait to invite them over and use these beautiful pieces.

thank-you M, Melissa, & Adrienne!!! your kindness is just ONE of the reasons i adore you all so. If you haven't met these 3 friends of mine, you really should say hello. Their corners of the internet are my daily reads.

& If you don't know M, that's really just crazy cos she's my best friend and i always talk about her *wink.

come play along on Kassi's blog!


Kassi said...

what great friends!
and fun pretties...
and your valentine sounds divine - glad you had a good time with your love.

as always, thanks for playing along!

Erin said...

I love your sign and your heart garland. You have some really lovely friends.

The "staycation" sounds heavenly. I could really go for one of those, and soon!

Can't wait for LOST tonight, but first I have to go for my run. Wish me luck!

(We'll discuss tomorrow, I hope!)

Finally, will try to do my two things tonight or tomorrow. I love playing along.

crissy said...

Sweet things. What great friends. And hooray for winning things :)

Your valentine's celebration sounds spectacular. Really wish I could have a night like that. Maybe when the kids are older...

Megan said...

You always have such gorgeous things to show. I love the sign.
I am like you I never use to win anything but lately i have been winning a few things on blogs and it makes my day!
I think i am going to try and join in this week!
Thanks so much for joining my swap.

Saltina said...

Cool flask! It IS very modern, I like.

Kristyn said...

aww I'm glad you had an amazing valentine's weekend. that place seems amazing!


Annie said...

your home seems so eclectic and unique! i love it!!
everything is so fun, neat and special to you :)

hope you are having a good day hun bun!! XO

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What a fun Valentine's present!! And I love all the cute things in your house!

xxJackie said...

oh yes, my love. I know you LOVE exposed brick ;)
and LOST? A girl after my own heart!

Sorry I've been so MIA lately - it's been a weird few weeks. Additionally, your housewarming gift is coming - possibly when you least expect it!

so glad you're well!

xx JP

Fallon said...

Glad you had a good time together :)

I have to say I really loving those red canisters on your counter. I love vintage illustration like that :)

Camilla Leila said...

ooh i love your things!
and what a sweet vacation! i could use a staycation right about now.

pumped for lost tonight :)

Anonymous said...

The flasks and cups look great in your place. Thanks for entering the contest and I hope you all will enjoy them!

Much love ♥!

Melita said...

awesome stuff! hugs!!co

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Your heart garland is so pretty! I always wish I could keep Valentine's and Easter decorations up all year!

You're so lucky with the giveaway wins, and I saw that you won the t-shirt! Lucky dog!

Belen said...

Oh man, I love your stuff, Micaela.

I need to get in on this!
But that's kinda hard to do cuz I still live with my parents and my house is technically done THEIR way.. and well.. it's just super Filipino, hahaha.

I wish I could show the world the type of house I've built in my head.

Oh sigh.
Now I want a boy.
I want to marry that boy.
Then have a beautiful home.
And decorate it like crazy.
And then have some lovely drinks with you and talk talk talk talk.

*sigh* I'm quite the hopeless romantic, I think.

Rhianne said...

your house looks amazing, I really love the sign, it is perfect for you :)

Cassie said...

SO glad to hear you had a fab time - lucky thing! I had a peek at the hotel site and it looked stunning.

Melissa sent me a little package too and mine arrived today - isn't she just the sweetest! xx

Marisa said...

The sign looks so perfect.... xoxo

I love the garland... how lovely.
and hooray for the TX plate!! I still have my TX and CO plate...funny how sentimental we can be...

Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

Love seeing the pictures of your place here and I'm so glad you are enjoying the hearts. Your Valentines day sounds wonderful and romantic. Especially the picnic basket by the door.

Anna said...

oh gosh! your staycation sounds wonderful!

i love the garland it's so sweet! and of course the tx license plate that snuck into the photo!

tiny twig said...

that serving set is GORGEOUS! congrats on being the winner of a fab giveaway!! :) love those wonderful strokes of luck!

Jen said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my Valentine's Day post!

Your Dolce Vita sign is gorgeous! And so fitting! Your new home looks adorable, and I'm a tad jealous that it is decorated with such care, thought and sentiment.

Glad you had a good time on your stay-cation. It sounds wonderful and like a good bonding experience for you and the future hubs. I think me and the boyfriend need one of those as soon as he slows down with work!

Cynthia said...

staycations are the best I might have to have one!

& i'm really liking the two things I'm loving i really want to do one

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