Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Friday so that means answering some blanks.

another little eatery we've discovered in our new city is the Devils Backbone Brewing Company, out near the ski resort of Wintergreen. They have a jazz night every 1st & 3rd Wens. with retro cocktails and snazzy foods. I'm looking forward to their outdoor music festival in the summertime.

As a vegetarian, i delighted in their veggie burger (and may have eaten every last bit of it). The dark beer i ordered had some kind of coffee in it. It was interesting, but i was glad they served little pints of it.

Happy Friday lovies!!! a valentines weekend one. Since it's friday, how about another round of
1. I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes, a lot of laughter and kisses from my fiance Max. Last year we ordered a pizza at home while sharing a bottle of wine, danced in our undies to crocodile rock in our living room and were in bed by midnight. It was simple and the perfect way to spend Valentines Day. This year is our first one as engaged people .

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is sleeping in til after noon on weekends after staying up late the night before with a glass of wine lost in a book or blogging .

3. I am most proud of leaving the only home I've known in my beloved Texas to be with my beloved thousands of miles away in Virginia .

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be tights with a comfy shirt dress, heels (always heels) .

5. People are always amazing me. Something I love about blogging is connecting to those who would have otherwise been perfect strangers. I'm always amazed at the secrets people confess to me, an otherwise perfect stranger to them. I sincerely love this fact, that i can be one of those kinds of people; a kindred soul .

6. I would rather have loved and lost than to have never never been heartbroken .

7. I love my nieces & nephew more than anything in the world!

Have fun creating your own fill in the blanks and link up at Lauren's place, The Little Things We Do.


Carolyn said...

Yummm those fries look delish! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and V-day sweets. Enjoy it!

BrittanButterfly said...

your valentines day sounds so simple and fun! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, micaela!!!

shelly said...

your little "find" looks like my kind of place! veggie burger and fries sound so good right now :)

and your last valentine's day sounds so sweet! i love it! i hope to get lost in a book this weekend.

hoping that you have a wonderful weekend micaela!

Sam said...

sleeping in is the best! :)

Sarah C said...

happy first fiance-valentine's day. i think dancing in my undies sounds like the PERFECT way to spend feb 14th!!

also, thank you so much for the sweet email the other day... it made me feel all warm and glowy inside :)

Erin Elizabeth said...

#4- I'm always jealous of people who can confidently wear heels...I'm still working on that one. lol!

jozen said...

i love #5.

Rasha said...

llove number one. have a great valentines!

LaLa said...

I love your blog!!!!!!

Cole said...

Your answers are great! I love what you did for Valentine's Day last year! This is our first (and only) V-day as engaged folks.
Have a great weekend!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You're a vegetarian? I was in Manila and wondered how vegetarians get on there (pork and seafood are such stars there).

Have a great, first, engaged Valentine's Day. Pizza always rocks!

Elaine Reyes said...

ooohhh --- that little eatery just plain looks delicious! glad you were able to have a great 'find'

have a great valentine with your fiance, you newly engaged YOU!


Belen said...

I'd totally be proud of myself for moving as well, since, y'know, I've been out here in Corona all my life and leaving it would be too hard. But should my future force me to move, I think I'm willing to TAKE IT ON! :D

I like your #5. I really do love this blogging world. I realize how much I can share with people who are genuinely interested in what I say. The people I'm around (okay well mostly my co-workers) are NOT the best of ears, I think, and I don't like sharing what I have to say to them. I like to share my heart and words as freely as I do on my blog. But I can't because hardly anyone around here talks like I (we) do. Does that make sense?

Luckily there's the select few that are still amazing, like family and my closest friends. But other times, I feel like I want to leave because hardly anyone shares the types of thoughts and words (and KINDNESS) we bloggers do. The real words inside of us.

Love ya, seesturr. ♥

Krissa said...

yum...that food looks good...
oh i love your fill in the what you did last year...that is cute!!!!
have a great weekend!!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I've never heard of that restaurant, but then again, I've only been up to Wintergreen a couple of times. Beer with coffee??? Gross! I can't drink coffee.

I hope you have a good weekend and a happy valentine's day!

Jen said...

That brewery looks amazing! How about I head down there next weekend to ski (since VA actually has snow this year) and we can hit up the brewery after??? I love trying new local brews, and the atmosphere looks so cozy yet modern.

Happy Valentine's Day!

my name is lauren. said...

that brewery looks exactly like the kind of place the hubs and i would love. and perhaps the beer you had was a mocha porter? craig really likes those. he only drinks dark beers and he's kind of a beer snob. haha!

hope your valentine's day was lovely!


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