Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday: Happy Birthday Boo Boo!!! & Fill in the Blanks.

i really wish i knew how to make this image bigger because i love this photograph of my birthday girl little seester Madeline. Here is little us, playing in Subic Bay in the Philippines.

Happy Birthday to you boo boo!!! thank you for being my friend more and more each day... I know we've had to particularly work at it *wink but I've always loved you more than words could say. I wish i could be home to celebrate your 24th year!

the funny card i sent maddie (fitting from her vegetarian older seester):

Friday also means another round of:

1. If I could medal in an olympic event it would be in gymnastics. But maybe ice skating so it can be at the winter Olympics and i can meet my favorite Olympian Apolo Ohno. He is not only talented, but beautiful .

2. If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take Max and hope his boy scout lessons come in handy .

3. Violent movies (cos I should know they aren't real) are my most irrational fear.

4. I'd rather already be employed everyday, than feeling lazy everyday.

5. I am excited about date night with my fiance tonight, my birthday plans (more soon!), but sad to be sending a sympathy card to a woman back home who lost her husband (he was such a great man. Harold would call me "cookie monster" at every church potluck because i scoured the dessert table) .

6. I should really be hitting the shower already so I can run some errands.

7. One of my favorite things in all the world is being an Auntie. There is nothing like hearing my niece Sophia call me "her Mickey" while running into my arms.

*play along over at the little things we do.


The Socialite said...

Happy Birthday to your seeeester! :)))

Loved your answers and I'm so playing along! :)

tinypaperheart said...

your sister has the best smile! :)

Cat said...

isn't fill in the blank friday so much fun! I love reading everyone's answers! Thanks for the comments on my blog!

My husband is going to Goodfellow in San Angelo, Texas. We lived in Wichita Falls for a few months back when we were first married and he was doing some training then too. Texas would be nice to live there again, better than cold snowy Nebraska haha!

Apolo Ohno is beautiful for sure. I love watching him skate, that butt haha!

I loved your fill ins! Happy Friday (I'm a new follower now!)


erin elder said...

Girl, I LOOOOOOOVE me some Apollo!! I've loved him since the old high school days (he was the only magazine photo i ever slipped into my binder and swooned over)....

great answer on #3... I always end up watching them with the boy and covering my eyes for 70% of the film. i know it's not real, but it seems so real right? eek

That picture is the sweetest... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND

Micaela said...

Cat, what a small world! I figured there might be a chance you know where my beloved Wichita Falls is since SAFB is there. Oh i miss Texas dealing with the SNOWIEST Virginia. (though i do love the mountains)

Apolo= BEAUTIFUL!!!! that butt ha!

Pleasure to meet you! :) xoxo

Erin, SERIOUSLY- i have to walk out of the room until Max says it's okay for me to come in when we watch a violent film. I'm such a wuss!!! LOL YOU have a beautiful weekend, beautiful you!!!

Vanessa, I can't wait to read your answers :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

omg. i got that card once too!

loved it.

happy birthday seester. my sis's bday is tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

o micaela!

i have adored your blog for SOME TIME now, so it's really rad that you've discovered my cards on rachel's blog and LOVE them.
so encouraging, thank you so much.

i LOVE this entry and just keep coming back to read all the beautiful things you post.
thanks again,


Erin said...

I finally did a fill in the blanks Friday! Yours inspired me to take part.

Happy Birthday to your little sis and I just bet I know what your birthday plans are!!!!!


Micaela said...

dani, i'm EXCITED by your comment!!! I really fell in love with the shoes one... it touched my heart. I love simple phrases that just say SO much. i related to that one.

i hope to make a purchase soon! and your blog? fabulous. I want your life ;)


Erin, can't wait to check out your (as always!) cute answers. I am EXCITED about said birthday plans!!! whooo!!!!!

Simply Me said...

found you through FITB Fridays ..Happy birthday to ur seeeester and loved your answers :)
Hv a fun weekend !!

Cynthia said...

I always look forward to your fill in the blanks!!

Happy Birthday to your sister!

Whitney said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I love fill in the blank Friday because I always discover new great blogs :)

I'm from the same state as Apolo, there are pictures of him EVERYWHERE, not that I mind haha

Annie Cristina said...

Happy birthday to your seester! Madeline happens to be my second favorite girl name, fyi, after Sophie. :)

Risti Megan said...

Have a great weekend. You mentioned that you're making your birthday plans. Now I'm curious- when's your birthday?

Kimbirdy said...

Aw, what a lovely post! Super cute pic of your sis - Happy Birthday to her!

Maddy said...

Your sister and I have the same name! Is she a Made-LYNN or a Made-LINE? (I'm a lynn) haha

& yes, I do not like Grey's. Mostly because I just avoid emotional things. I'm so unlike a girl it's ridiculous. Maybe I just catch it at the wrong time (my roommates always watch it on Lifetime) :)

Have a good weekend :D

Micaela said...

Risti, my birthday is March 7th :)

and Maddy, she's a Madeline like you :) and i call her Maddie (and boo boo) but obv spelt without the y ;) it's a great name!

Whitney, oh to be there and staring at Apolo at every turn.

Jen said...

Hope you have a good date night!

Marisa said...

happy birthday to your little sister...what a cute picture.

I love your #2... xoxo

Marian said...

I am totally with you on wanting to win a medal in gymnastics...and want to meet Apollo. He is beautiful. Takes my breath away (well, not really, just makes me sit real close to the tv;)

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