Saturday, February 20, 2010

{simple things}

getting back to the gym. {nothing like a sweaty run, even if it made my legs feel like fire afterwards}

massages from my ever so giving fiance. {pms, note- you are not on this list}

taking maverick for a walk. {bichon frise's have the best little trot. & oh sun, i've missed you. glad to see you out too}

cups of coffee.

phone calls to my parents.

email from my bestie.

this lyric from coldplay: "so meet me by the bridge... when am i going to see that pretty face again..."

finding these perfect vintage clutches.

Simple Things that make me Happy. Deliriously Happy.


Cat said...

:) Isn't it great! I love your simple list! Hope you're having a great weekend!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I am absolutely in love with the lighter color vintage clutch! I love details in leather, and of course vintage is always best!

I'm a little jealous your sender was Brittan. She's so sweet, and I think she's really talented, too!

Glad you enjoyed the sun. I got out for a little while, but the majority of my day was spent cleaning and baking bread (and after eating so much of it, I need a run, too).

Every Little Counts said...

great clutches!

....and now i feel bad for laying on the couch all day watching movies. i probably should've gotten some exercise. tomorrow is another day right?

L. Nicole said...

Those clutches are so cute. <3 And I lovelovelove that Coldplay lyric, oh my goodness *melts*.
- L
BTW, there's a little note for you on my new post. ;]

Caroline said...

I love love simple things!! Happy Saturday! xo

chelsea rebecca said...

this is such a wonderful list! i love reading about what makes people happy because it makes me happy! those clutches are absolutely adorable! and you can't beat that after the gym feel where you've sweated off 3482359 pounds and can only think about cake! hope your weekend is going wonderful!

shelly said...

i love the simple things to. xxx hope your weekend is WONDERFUL.

Anonymous said...

They would make me happy, also! So sweet. :) I'm glad you have such simple but GREAT things in your life!

Anonymous said...

i love simple things!!! it's what gets you through the day :D

i seriously need to get into the gym asap!!! and the vintage clutch is adorable!!!! im glad you're enjoying the sun

Kristin said...

I always feel so fabulous when I get back to working out again! That is definitely a simple pleasure. : )

Erin said...

The gym, followed by a massage? Fantastic! (I had the best run at the gym last night, watching the Olympics on the big screen tvs)

We went for a loooong walk in the sun today. It was great. So nice to be outside in the fresh air.

Love your new purchases. Those clutches are lovely. And you deserve a little treat.

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday night. I'm writing you a letter right now...

Megan said...

Glad that you are having a good weekend, and happy belated birthday to you sister.
Thanks so much for posting about the stationery swap.
I adore all the Valentines you got :-)

Cassie said...

I think you are catching this running bug from Erin - would you mind sending it a little this way - England bound too! Hee hee

I love taking the dog out for a walk, makes me feel so much better to see them happily running around too.

Hope weekend if fabulous xx

:: Gina :: said...

simple little treasures.

I had a good apple today and almost did a happy apple dance.


enjoy the rest of your sunday <3

Jen said...

Yay! I can't wait to get back to the gym. I'm finally joining one again after next month! Just need to get my monthly budget in order first. One more month of working out at home...

Marian said...

Finding that perfect vintage clutch is like heaven on earth:)

Jenni said...

awww this was so sweet!!!

Marisa said...

that lyric is the amazing... and i love those clutches. I wish DH would give me a masage after a work out... lucky!

Anna said...

aw this is a wonderful list! i'm so glad to see the sun out again too! the snow is almost melted here...or at least it's trying to! the clutches are just darling, i love the colors!

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