Thursday, February 18, 2010

M & M.

pieces of a letter i once wrote my best friend: if i could tell that sad girl i was after high school, to the girls who broke my heart… at 25, you will meet your soul mate. She will make you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. Her heart is half yours really.

I am truly blessed to have M in my life. To no one else can i be so unguarded with about my deepest secrets, my fears, and of course my joys. There's a lot of ways blogging has changed my life. The biggest gift it gave me was Marisa. It's funny to think we've never met n person, isn't it? but through emails/letters/texts/phone calls... in her i have found my deepest friendship.

M knew how hard it was for me to leave my home in Texas, especially because it meant leaving behind a twin sister. If anyone knows the true bond of sisters, it's my darling M. She lost her beautiful sister Dawn Michelle. Every day my heart breaks for my best friend in this incomprehensible loss.

so yes... if anyone understands the bond sisters have forever, it's my M.

for Valentines Day, Marisa sent me and my twin sister a pair of sara paloma's stoneware wings.

they are truly beautiful and the sentiment brought tears to both me and my twinkie.

Marisa once said if i didn't have a twin sister, she would say we were twins because we are so much the same person. I think of her as family. She is my person.

as if the wing wasn't enough, she also sent along a lovely handcrafted card she made with her daughter, a postcard of Rita Hayworth that is so us, and this gorgeous holga i fell in love with that her father took in New Orleans of a street musician.

i seriously have the best best friend in the whole world. i love you M! xo

tell me about your best friend?


Erin said...

My best friend lives on the other side of the world. This past year, when she got breast cancer, I thought my heart would break. I am so relieved that she is well now, and on the road to recovery. I would be lost without her. We write and call and text daily, and she means the world to me. She's the one I can tell my biggest worries to, and share my triumphs with. I love her oh-so much!

How wonderful it is to have a friend who really "gets you"! I know just how you feel. And I can't wait to get back to France this summer to see my lovely friend Em.

I can just imagine how excited you two will be when you finally meet! What a post that will be!

Micaela said...

Em sounds lovely! and like your half completely :)
i am SO relieved to hear she is on the road to recovery as well. I think we four should plan a trip to france and have a bestie tea party. now THAT would be a post!

Marisa said...

okay... so i am sitting at my desk crying... and I have a meeting in 15 ..(must fix makeup) This is what I get for checking your blog at work!

... the words you write...

"you make me feel special", lucky and appreciated.

I think people underestimate the value of having a person in your life who truly appreciates you in all your... "glory".
You have given me that.

and dear M... I appreciate you and love you.

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so wonderful!! i can't believe you have never met! oh the wonderful world of blogging. i'm so glad you have someone like that in your life! it's a necessity.

my best friend and i met at maggie moos ice cream and treatry! we both worked there and at first she thought i was super weird and kooky... and i thought she was super shy! but then we had a shift together and got to learn that in some ways we are SO similar! and we've been connected at the hip ever since! she's always there for me and we have our daily dinner together! {since we live together!!} its so wonderful to have someone to always count on and be totally goofy with!!

Brandi said...

This is such a gorgeous post. And it makes me miss my friends so badly. I don't have a single best friend, strangely, but perhaps that's because I don't know her yet or just don't know her well enough. I'm so happy to hear you really treasure your friendship.

Carmella said...

that's so amazing!
i love how blogging has introduced us to new friends!

Belen said...

aw! super cuteness! love love the wings!

Anonymous said...

awww the story between you and your best friends are adorable and sweet :D

ive had quite some experience in that department..i had a previous relationship with a (so-called) bestie but i always put put and put and she never returned so the friendship ended..its a shame since we've been friends since grade school...i do however have a new bestie we started off rocky but now we're good and we both have kiddos so we're getting there :D


Jen said...

I wrote all about my BFF in a post a few months ago... Ollie. :-)

missy. said...

so beautiful.

my best friend is my cousin. she is the other half of me and we totally are twins in almost every way shape and form. other than i have the dark hair and she has the light hair.

having that kind of relationship that you and m do is so rare. you are very lucky.

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

This is an amazing friendship story - it goes to show that friends can appear from anywhere; your soul mate could be working in the library or delivering your post every morning!

My best friend lives in Germany right now, but we're still so close; we talk all the time and share everything, she's the only person I can be completely honest with. When everything fell apart at high school, she held me as I cried on the bathroom floor. There aren't many people who I would allow to be with me in such a state!

Jenni said...
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Jenni said...

This frienship makes me so happy :) Love you two <3

Katie said...

This is adorably perfect! I have a blog friend that is becoming my "M" and she is PRECIOUS! It's such a wonderful friendship, even though you have never met!!! LOVE blog world!!!

Cynthia said...

such a sweet tribute to your frined i love it and the wings what a great amd well thought out gift (best friends are amazing)
mine knows me so well too we are practically the same person and somehow she know what i'm thinking before i even say anything!

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