Saturday, February 6, 2010


The word Ziv in some scripture means "light."

My dress from Shop International/Target.

3 & 5 via weheartit.

Stoneware wing made by Sara Paloma Pottery.

Chained Wings - Earrings by CMEdesign.

Pretty image via hearblack.

"Oh everyone wants a piece when you're pretty" by Olivia Jeffries.

Neoclassical Grecian fern silver headband by my lavaliere.

Fly Away with me via Design Delights.


J. said...

I love wings...
I've also come into a 'sparrow' phase. Been researching sparrow designs for a tattoo. You have an amazing ability to find the most beautiful images, so if you come across any let me know!

Micaela said...


i love sparrows too! esp. because Robbie Williams has some sexy ones on his lower chest:

here's a silly dream of mine: to get a tattoo like one of his. Not necessarily in the same place... he has one on his chest that is the latin phrase to "each his own" and i just about got it back in WF on my inner thigh. I didn't because the artist couldn't find a font close enough to match his. LOL

Kate Moss has little sparrows on her bum that i liked too. I will look around. A great place to start is we heart it. Type in sparrows, and see what you get ;)

hope that helps!!! love you!
is 3:30 p.m. too early to start drinking wine?

J. said...

I'll have to check out Kate Moss and her bum tats... lol.
I've been collecting ideas images for several different tattoos that I want... I'll be posting about them soon. :)
And I don't believe it's ever too early for vino!

bethany said...

Oh, Micaela, I'm SO in love with absolutely everything posted here...especially that charmingly golden headband! :)

And, I have to snoopingly interject and agree that it is, infact, NEVER too early for wine. Anyone who believes otherwise is clearly not the life of the party :)

Happy weekend to you, beautiful lady! :)

Brown Girl said...

Gorgeous, love the dress!

Belen said...

i saw that headband and wanted it so badly but i'm trying to save up money! (okay so it was kinda cheap and i could TOTALLY afford it, but if i gave in like that with everything, i'd still end up poorer than i am now!) :)

Polly R said...

Really pretty post xx

Marisa said...

picture is to DIE for... I amy have to purchase it.

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