Monday, February 23, 2009

Another thing about Mickey Rourke...

besides that he should have won-
i thought it was sweet he wore a picture of Loki, his pet chihuahua who died recently. He called her the love of his life and that he would have traded the oscars for 2 more years with her.

I get that, i do.
That just goes to show that I'm not the only crazy dog person. :) Max doesn't get that about me. It sounds so stupid when we fight about me wanting to get another Bichon, but I want another one. Not to replace Lola per say, cos how could you replace such a precious girl? C sent me this pic of her last week- she was waiting to grab a toy:

We had decided to try the Bichon cut on her, so imagine my surprise when she pulled a Britney! lol But apparently her ears got matted so they decided to keep it short, very short :) Still PRECIOUS though!!! I MISS HER. I miss her soooo much. :(

Maybe i'd miss lola less. It would be easier anyway...
I do want another bichon. A girl. We'll call her Bono and then they can have play dates. :)

and even Max will learn to love her. Watch Bono love him more than me! ;)

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