Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We are an emailing family.
My brother Marco lives in Phoenix and is in the National Guard. He sent us this cute pic to say that the weather is always nice-shorts-weather, but if he wants to see snow, it's a two hour drive or for him- a 45 min flight!
[my kuyah is so handsome!]
my Pappa emailed him back saying he remembered from his Air Force Days when we lived in Tuscon, that they'd go to Mt. Lemon and play in the snow and return home and walk around in shorts and flip flops. I instantly replied and demanded why he didn't take us kiddos to play in the snow?! ;)

Here was my Pappa's reply:

Micos, *my family nickname
Somewhere we have photos of you guys making a snow man in our back yard when it snowed in Tucson. I think that your Mom wouldn't let you go to Mt. Lemon because you were too small.

Love, Dad

SOOO CUTE. At lunch today, my Momma gave me these pics. There's the beginning of our snowman, you can see his body. lol this i remembered... this is what my Pappa was talking about. Look how happy me and my twinkie look in the first one!

i love my pappa's hat and my momma's frazzled hair :)

they look so young.
I'm the one in the pink jacket- i remembered the sleeves were too long cos it's my older sister Luisa's coat. :) I was such a chinky little girl. I was such a happy chinky little girl.

Pappa, thanks for taking us out to play in the snow and helping us build snowmen... love you!!!!


Geisslein said...

Such a cute post...very nice!
by the way: I tagged you...maybe you like to play along...Sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

Meg Fee said...

how sweet--I loved this!

Micaela said...

Geisslein, OF COURSE i would love to play along!!! :) you're always so sweet to me.

Abs said...

I totally recognized you as the girl in the pink coat before I read any further past the photos and saw that I was right.

Score "1" for Abbie!

I have known many a set of twins in my life...but you guys are by FAR the prettiest, sweetest, smartest, and most fun.

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