Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars Recap!

LOOOOVED that Penelope Cruz won best supporting actress for her "dangerously sexy and jealous ex wife" role in Vicky Cristna Barcelona.

she's my all-time girl crush, so I'M SO GLAD she won! esp how cute she was in her acceptance speech: "It's not going to be 45 seconds. I can say that right now," an instantly emotional Cruz began her speech. "Has anybody ever fainted here? Because I might be the first one. Thank you, Woody, for trusting me with this beautiful character."

The other very cute acceptance speech was my girl Kate. Kate Winslet was thanking her parents who were "somewhere in this room- Dad whistle so I know where you are!" and he did :) So cute!
*btw, me and my awesome boss were just discussing kate's cute speech, and she just said, "You know it reminded me of you, something you'd say cos you're so close to your Dad." :) aww. SO sweet.

Since this post is clearly all about my girl crushes ;) Jen Aniston was beautiful and simple, as she always pulls off. Anyone noticed how they showed a shot of ANGELINA JOLIE while she was up there??? raise your hands! i know you did lol

everyone looked gorgeous and who knew Hugh Jackman was such a great host?

aww the speech by Heath Ledger's sister broke my heart. So glad he won and that little Matilda will have that to always remember her Dad. He deserved to win cos screw anyone for saying that the only reason he'd win is cos of his tragic untimely death. They didn't see the movie. He was AMAZING. [sorry for sounding harsh, i just believe it fully lol] I love the touched faces of the actors when it cutaway to them during his sister's speech.

Mickey Rourke... you should have won! that was the biggest upset of the night.


Darling Friend said...

agreed! how many oscars does sean penn need?

Meg said...

love, love, love that Penelope won--she was sooooo goooood in that film. love that Kate won--the two of them (she and Penelope) looked stunning.

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