Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing Darling Friend...

Many of you are wondering if this "darling friend" is more than a friend... and just who is this guy that has seemed to sweep me off my heels over night. :)

first, thanks to all you lovies (Meg!) for being so happy for me. It means a lot.

I wanted to introduce darling friend slowly...
after all, i had just experienced incredible heartache.
So i called him just that, referring to him as my darling friend.

His beautiful name is William Maxham.
He goes by Chip.
I call him Max.

When he first moved here and we met at the station, i told him i was gunna be his best friend. That i just knew we'd be the best of friends.
And we were.
He got me.
And even when he didn't get me (like my love for President Bush)
it just made me even more interesting to him. ;)

We share a love of U2, GA Tech (who i call the "mean bees!"), the First 48 crime show, drinking white russians at home, coffee. We voted for Barack Obama together. We will always have that memory.

Now a little more than a year later,
I can tell Max that I was right, that I KNEW we would be best friends... because after all, isn't that the person you want to BE WITH? the one who gets you. Max gets me...
and i want to continue to get Him.
it makes me smile to say that. :)

all signs pointed to him...


Meg Fee said...

is it bad that i keep outing you--asking questions about new and former loves? oops, sorry. but so glad you're coming clean and i get to live vicariously through you!!

The Socialite said...

Awe - I'm really happy for you as well! ;) What a great guy, a bball game, a stay at the famed W ---and an Obama supporter?! He's a keeper!

krissa reann said...

Im happy for you and glad to learn more about you two...you seem perfect together...how fun!


so happy for you dear!
He seems very sweet, do share more ok... wink-wink ;)

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