Friday, February 20, 2009

is it 5 pm yet?

Happy Friday lovies!!!

it has been an INCREDIBLY looong week for me. incredibly.
for one, my chi-straightener died. lol my hair has been unkempt- and usually i can work this but it's been such an off week. Here's my hair today for instance: UP!
and i haven't been able to sleep [check out my under eye baggage], which means i haven't been wanting to get out of bed...

I felt like a sad coldplay song.
darling friend comforted me with words from my latest favorite song of theirs, "Just because I'm lost doesn't mean I am losing..."

I am SO glad the weekend is here.
I will leave you with this...
if you have felt like i have, my weekend wish for me and you is:

"Have a Sleep" as they say on Flight of the Concords.

I saw that here and thought it was perfecto!
*pic here.

and if you're STILL feeling sad, darling you're not the only one- here's some SMITTEN points to cheer you up!
big hugs to you all!!!

micaela xo

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