Monday, February 16, 2009

my bambina is 5 today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bella, bella, BELLA niece Marina!!!
She was the smartest little baby. When she was hardly 1, we took her to eat at On The Border. She started dancing to the music- arms up in the air and shaking her itty bitty self. lol She imitated snapping her fingers by opening and closing her little baby hands. It was the most darling thing :)

When she was 3, we would talk to her online thru webcam. She would ask her Mom (my older sister) how does she get over to us? she asked my sister to help her come over to "grandpa and grandma's" and go behind the computer- thinking that's how easy it was to get from Italy to Texas. oh darling baby, i wish it was :)

little Marina is turning 5 today!!!
and i can't wait to call her on my lunch break and tell her just how loved she is by her auntie.

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Geisslein said...

Such a super cute post!!!! Congratulations to your lovely niece!!! by the way: The picture at my blog reminds me of you and your twinsister now too...hihi...Wish you a great day! geisslein

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