Tuesday, February 24, 2009

we've all been there.

one of my exes who's still a good friend blackberry messaged me yesterday to say he got some news today. The sordid economy affected him- he had been (in his words) terminated. I asked him if he needed to talk because i was about to go to bed- but of course would be there for him. He assured me that he would recover, he always does... the question was when/how. He was on his way to go out drinking with a friend and had already started the process.

then he said [as what happens when we drink and feel let down by the world] he wished he had been different when it counted. There was something sweet and still yet so final about that last line. When it counted.

Think about it...
those words just stuck out to me.

I told him i wished a lot of things.
Don't we all have someone we wish we could say that to?
the thing about love is that it's such a vicious cycle.
I couldn't say it back to him, and mean it.

but to another... to the one:
I wish i had been different when it counted too.


redframe said...

That's so powerful. I have a niggling feeling that it's counting for me right now, and I'm struggling to be different. Thanks for the shake up?

Micaela said...

you're most welcome darling! i love that... that someone can relate to what little me feels... that's why i write. That's why i put myself out there.

enjoy your piece of heaven on earth darling girl!!! you deserve it after everything xo

Michelle said...

oh man, that is hard to admit to. I wish also that I had been different to someone in my past, but I wish I had ended it with him POW, instead of dragging it on for years....

Tiffany said...

Oh my darling Mickey... you hit the nail on the head with your title, "We've all been there." We all know what it is like to see that hindsight is 20/20. That being said...all of those times help us learn for our future.

I love you Mickey and hope that everything is great in your world...I know you are a happy girl with Max and I can't wait to be able to have a drink with yall sometime!

Carolyn said...

How very true is that.

Thank you, thank you for the sweet comments. I need to read more of you!

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