Monday, February 2, 2009

My Super Bowl Shirt.

So I gushed about my FABULOUS shirt this morning :)

I love it!!! Here's devoted Steelers fan John who was SUPER SWEET to make it for me:

everyone kept calling me Warner :) Loved it!

Twinkie joked that me and Krystal are good friends but that at the end of it, we'd hate each other. lol

From the first pic you can see that John even wrote "Cheerleader" :) lol

but my apron covered it, so I told some of the guys that i was an
"under-cover cheerleader" & explained what i meant ha

It meant SOOOOOO MUCH to me that he took the time to make me a fabulous shirt, esp. cos he's such a big Steelers fan. :) i can't even begin to thank him enough. I was as excited to wear it as I was right before the start of the game; indescribable!


Joanna Goddard said...

you are so cute!

The Socialite said...

That is such a stellar shirt! I can't believe he made it! i want a buddie just like that!;)

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