Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When I was a reporter, I had the best time working with my photographer Abbie Scott. She's my Abs. We'd roll our eyes having to go out to this or that story but get really happy when we had to go interview so and so official. :) We knew as two girls we'd get the kind of story we wanted and then spare time to chit chat ... ok, flirt. ;) But we were a great pair!

at lives, we'd set up the tv- not exactly to see right before we'd hit - but so that she could watch Journey Man and explain it to me. She'd tell me to jump up and down before the "standby" to erase any fear of ants biting me during a live in the summer.

She'd laugh with me after a not so great performance and tell me that a.) at least i looked nice and b.) she'd say my famed line with me, "or something like that" when we got the all clear.

We'd get stuck chasing some small town sheriff for a story and kill time by going to little antique shops or getting starbucks, sharing a smoke or two.

We were in a news unit, parked at where were about to do an interview when she told me she was getting a divorce.
We grew close through the crap we'd go through at work, and the crap in our lives.
I miss these times with her.

Yesterday, her facebook status was, "Abbie is, unfortunately, taking a day off. My body decided for me. Drat!"

I commented her saying, "Good for listening to your body- I mean have u seen your body?! ;)"

abbie's reply: "Ha! That's like a quote straight from "The Office" or something. You're funny, lady. :D I miss you!"

YET ANOTHER REASON i should watch "The Office." :)

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