Thursday, February 26, 2009

We'll call her Bono...

THIS made my day. Fran Drescher (isn't she still fabulous?) was a guest on the Early Show and brought along her ADORABLE pup! Look at this cutie!!! HAD to take a pic. It's like a little teddy bear!!! I instantly texted max and said I want one!!!

Max who was at work [he's the morning/noon meteorologist] texted back that he was just going to get on gmail chat to tell me to look at this little cutie! [see, we get each other] He's even holding the mic :)

Fran said she was told it was a Pomeranian. I am in love! He reminds me of my Teddy Ruxpin dollie when i was little.

Today is a BIG day. Today i will reserve a little baby bichon girl puppy who will be all mine mid- to-late March! It's a birthday gift to myself. I miss lola soooo much, that i think this new girl will complete the emptiness for lola. She won't replace her, but i will love her just the same!!! And maybe they can have play dates.

That's really the only reason darling friend went along with my excitement to get a new puppy. He has a very darling dog already, Bubbles. Her name fits her perfectly. She was a rescued dog and she's so sweet.

Max wants bubbles to have a buddy. She's such a sweet dog and bichons are so playful, i think they'll be bffs instantly! :) just like how we started out.

So there is my big news. I'm reserving a puppy!!!!!!! And we shall call her Bella Bono. Yes, BONO after our beloved u2!!!! we'll call her BeeBee for short :) and i'm going to love her with all my heart.


The Socialite said...

Yay! Congrats! I have a pomeranian and they are bea-u-ti-ful! So adorable. He's black & white! ;)

Meg said...

ooohhhh congratulations!! i can't wait to see pictures. and i love the name!

Micaela said...

thank you so much sweet girls!!! and meg you know me, there will be a TON of pics!!! i'm really actually nervous that i'm going to be soley responsible for her. I can do this! lol sooo excited!!!

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