Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my brother!!!!

My kuaha's birthday was Feb. 22nd!!!
I waited and waited til midnight to make sure that I was the first to call him.

It's a thing with me and my seesters. On New Years Eve, we race to see who can call our Momma and wish her a Happy New Year first. The same goes for birthdays.
I was FINALLY the first one to call first :)

Unfortunately, I forgot that Marco lives in AZ and he's an hour behind. lol BUT! it still counted because he replied to marianne's bday text saying, "Mickey was the first one to call." :) high five!!!!

Here's a picture pappa emailed to all of us of the birthday boy.
It's baby Marco with my beautiful Grandmother... he was always "Grandma's little boy."

and he was ALWAYS that precious :)

Happy Birthday Marco!!!! I lava you xo

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