Monday, February 16, 2009


I hope everyone had as wonderfully cute of a Valentines Day as this adorable couple.
My valentine? He gave me the kind of quiet/intimate celebration i wanted.
Of course it started with my lovely surprise of roses to work friday:

We started off the rainy morning [my happy weather!] by getting huge breakfast burritos. We saw an unconventional Valentines Day movie- "Revolutionary Road" [more on that later] but would later rent one of my all time favorite feel-good movies "Love Actually" to make up for it. We ordered a pizza, drank wine, he made a fire, and we danced in our jammies to Elton John's "Crocadile Rock." So much fun! and we were in bed before midnight...


it was the perfect celebration.
*hearts pic via.

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Carolyn said...

Ahhhhh You're gorgeous!

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