Friday, February 13, 2009

my Friday morning started out like a Monday

I stayed up last night watching my beloved Mavs lose to the Boston Celtics in O-T :( *twinkie is happy, she loves Boston. I decided to have a glass of wine- or 4. Needless to say, I was a bit hungover this morning. So I'm running late and then my Chi Straightener [my cute red chi straightener] dies on me. Just gave up. My hair is half wet and crazy. I generally have straight-ish hair, but when it's wet, it tends to get wavy. Not good.

I am leaving casa di M at 8:00 a.m. - the time I am supposed to be at work.
Not good.
I had already texted my boss to tell her i was running late. Luckily, I can be cool with my boss and i texted her that my chi straightener died, "stop laughing." :) since i was going to be late anyway, i decided to buy starbucks for the office. [My co-worker Sametta buys us Mcdonalds on payday fridays.]

i get to work, and there's a sweet lollipop waiting for me on my office chair from my boss :)

Starbucks and an unexpected little goodie... and then Betty from another office brings me a YUMMY cookie bar she baked. DELISH!
it feels like FRIDAY now. Everyone's buzzing with happy feelings.

I'm having lunch with darling friend
that's very good.
when i told him about my straightener, he texted, "i love your curls, maybe i sabotaged your straightener, ha." very cute. :)

hope you lovies are having a great Friday the 13th!!!

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