Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mavs vs The Spurs: Game Night!!!!

I'm pretty excited about this match up!
Beloved Dallas, show up San Antonio!!!!!

Tony Parker, you may have Eva Longoria but Dirk has ME!!!! hahahaha
I'm suuuuch a nerd.
but I'm excited about this game!!!!!

i may have made a big bet on this one...
Mavs, don't let me down!!!! ;)

and I'm pretty sure i still need this shirt :)

PS. Saturday when we were getting breakfast, there was this little toddler who had on Jason Kidd's jersey. It was THE CUTEST thing, because he was a little kid wearing KIDD. adorable!!!!

*Next day update- so they didn't win... and i was the only girl in my little MAVS jersey out at the sports bar as a table of Spurs fans cheered and clapped. It was annoying, yes- but that's also the great thing about Sports and fans watching their teams! :)

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