Monday, February 9, 2009

My Spoiled Weekend 2: The fancy W Hotel

Max booked us a night at the W Hotel.
Def. the most trendiest hotel I've ever stayed at.
Comfortable feather bed.
"Rainforest Shower" with a glass door that didn't slide & was open on one end.
Window side chaise.
The "Bliss Spa"- Darling Friend booked us one sunday. BLISSful!

we were on the 8th floor. Max took this before the Sun rose Sunday Morning.

I know most of you lovies don't smoke, BUT... i've admitted that i do on my blog before. A horrible habit i picked up from the ex. Anyway, Max booked a smoking room for us because frankly, i have never been in one and because it could be like old hollywood glamour. Or like Big & Carrie, sharing a smoke afterwards...

an afterwards shot... the rated G version. :)

The W is walking distance to the American Airlines Center, which was LOVELY. After the fabulous MAVS win, it was time to celebrate! Talk about small world- we ran into my high school friend Carolyn.

Dear darling friend,

Sorry that i wasn't feeling good after the beers at the game and the 2 expensive cosmos at our hotel bar. Sorry that we didn't get to check out the Ghost Bar, what our hotel is known for. :( but i had SO MUCH FUN downstairs at the bar celebrating with you and dancing with the happy bride-to-be and her bachelorette party (total strangers!). More fun that that? going upstairs and dancing in our undies in front of the open window....

i do so love the way you dance.

hearts ....


*ps. we both agreed we could check out the Ghost Bar NEXT time. :)

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