Friday, February 20, 2009

have an OSCARS Sunday!!!

one more thing before I'm off for le weekend:
Enjoy the OSCARS!!!

i haven't seen the hyped "Slumdog Millionaire" -however- i was blown away by "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" & "The Reader." Beautiful imagery & honest talent... but I have to go with the latter. It had more of backbone.

Happy Oscar watching!!! that's something to look forward to :)
oh it's the little things with me.

what were your fashion faves of Oscars past?
i heart Marion Cotillard naturally, but her + jean-paul gaultier? obv. Oscar-worthy! :)

ALWAYS a fave of mine is Cameron Diaz and not just because she's stylish, but it just goes to show that laughter is GORGEOUS. it works.

enjoy the oscars, swoon over the dresses [ + host hugh jackman! who doesn't really do it for me but alas i'm prob the minority ha], and laugh away beautiful darlings!!!

we'll discuss Monday so keep notes ;)

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Meg Fee said...

no, no let's be clear about one thing: Hugh definitely does it--you are not alone!

and oh, Marion was so gorgeous last year--but then again her performance was unreal--one of the best i have ever seen. ever. on stage or screen. i imagine one of the best I will EVER see.

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