Monday, February 2, 2009

What A Game!

My beloved AZ Cardinals ALMOST had it. I could have cried... BUT what a game!!!! It was exciting, people were cheering loud, my heart was beating fast- it was EVERYTHING football is supposed to be about!

I sometimes play waitress at a sports bar downtown and was unable to get my Warner jersey in time for the game. (true procrastinator, still!) My friend John made me something even BETTER than a jersey...

My sweet devoted Steelers fan John made me this FABULOUSLY CUTE t-shirt for me to wear last night:

Is that not AWESOME!?! he did such a great job that my co-worker Krystal [who had ordered a Steelers t-shirt online] wish he had made her one, cos mine was better. :)

I love it, i love it, i love it!!!!

*more pics of fabulous shirt coming soon...
AND- what a performance by Jennifer Hudson. Wow. Serious goose bumps.

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Kiyomi Joy said...

I was so tense during that game!! I seriously gave myself a headache! I was up and down and had my hands in a fist the whole time I think!! I was so nervous for my Cardinals! And of course completely devastated they lost. They were so close!! But none the less I'm very proud of my Arizona Cardinals!!

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