Wednesday, February 18, 2009

unexpected kind words make my day.

I've been in a pretty down mood today. I don't really know why...
but i have been.

God knows His children.
Today i got an unexpected text from my very missed friend and co-worker at the news station i worked at. She is still a beautiful reporter/anchor there and said she was doing a story and was using file video from a story i did in 2006, one where i did a stand-up. She texted me just to say hi and "i miss my friend! :)" It really made me feel good, it was such unexpected sweetness.

and then this... this just touched my heart and made me want to cry. :) seriously. Courtney is the sweetest girl you will ever know. She has a HUGE heart. Honest. Trust me, I know. She wrote the kindest things about me.

It's funny (and a shame!!!) that we got so close after she moved away. Her emails are my fave. It seriously is like we're chatting over coffee (and smokes- only for me- the smart girl managed to quit!!!! She NEEDS to teach me). Our emails are us sharing our lives... and unashamedly too i might add :) ha! EVERY girl needs a girlfriend like that. One you can tell your shameful secrets to, talk about sex with (!!!!), or just say- listen... i had a bad day, :( i'm not ready to talk about it. Girls like Courtney? they understand.

Everyone needs a beautiful friend like Courtney in their life! :) she is charolette to my carrie, most def!

i could go on and on about my adoration for this girl. I could!
but see for yourself what a wonderful girl she is.

here's an old pic of me and courtney.
Halloween 2 years ago.

Our lives have changed... i'm obv no longer with "Romo."
She's no longer in my little Texas town.
But we're still as close as this pic
and she's still with her Tony.

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Courtney said...

Awww!! I love my Micaela!! You're such a sweet sweet friend!! I meant every word in my blog and I miss you so so so so much!! That picture is cute of everyone EXCEPT me!! LOL!! Next time we see each other we'll have to take an even better picture!! LOVE YA!!!

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