Monday, March 23, 2009

haha this made my Monday!

i KNOW a lot of you love Matthew McConaughey, but i'm one of the few girls who doesn't dig him all that much :) (i DO want to see his new movie with my twinkie's girl crush, Jennifer Garner!)

My co-worker Barry thinks I just love him though. Since our office handles PR, we get Texas Monthly magazines sent to our office and I did kidnap the one with Matthew McConaughey. :) [If you aren't familiar with TX Monthly, it's not often you get a cover with eye candy and it's a good pic of him]

Barry took the cover and wrote a fake message from Matthew and framed it behind my desk. LOL It CRACKED ME UP when i noticed it. lol he's always doing pranks but this was a cute one! barry wrote this as if it was matthew, "Micaela, you are totally awesome! Let's get together again soon. Love, Matt" lol

HAHA i'm keeping it up as a good conversation starter :)
barry said he was going to write, "let's get beers again soon" but since it's up in the office.. lol

ya we work hard in our office ;)
It lightened my Monday though.

*added 3/26/09: Yesterday my little seester and her bf Matt came into my office to pick up some AVON stuff i ordered for her from my co-worker and Matt goes, "You met Matthew McConaughey?!?!" LOL it was so cute!!! I was like, "SERIOUSLY? matt don't you know that if I met him, I would have said something?!?!" hahaha Barry had a laugh that it worked! loved it!


Meg Fee said...

i love this! a friend once did this for me (well, he didn't frame it) but he signed it as josh hartnett--man oh man i loved him!

Micaela said...

josh hartnett... MMMM love his eyes :) Did you ever see "wicker park?" LALALOVE that movie!!! if not, rent it right away!

The Socialite said...

lol - you have the BEST co-workers! I would love that! ;)

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