Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm just sayin...

*this is an email my twinkie sent me and some of our girlfriends. I thought amen sista! and wanted to share:

So I find facebook a little depressing….When you chat/look at a boy you used to date in high school and they grow up to be successful men. Like doctors or lawyers who aren’t affected by this horrible economic situation and they’re married to beautiful and intelligent girls. OR when you look up a girl from high school and they’re the ones married to gorgeous, successful men and have equally beautiful babies….OR when someone just does exactly what they say they always would do….


I feel like:


Ethan said...

I feel happy for them. And then look at myself and realize, people look at my facebook and get jealous too. :-D Who's not jealous of Micaela "Carrie/Mickey" Lechuga?

hippie soul said...

I know exactly what you mean- you shouldn't feel that way, though! I am a college graduate who works in a bar- pretty much the same type of job I had while I was IN college- I'm jealous of you!! You have a 'grown up job'! I am stuck working weekends while my friends with 'real jobs' get together for dinner/drinks/whatever.
Two of my high school friends own their own businesses. And one is in NYC, living MY life. So, trust me sweets- you're not alone!

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