Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I gave in to the dark side...

That's what Marianne calls me reading "Twilight." :)

We were the only ones in our gfs who weren't serious fans. Case and point: Stephanie. On her 31st birthday Marianne got her an Edward Cullen stand-up and Stephanie about cried :) it was very cute, but I'm just saying. lol

she's so cute!

I read one harry potter book and that was it. I decided i was a fan more of the movies. "Twilight" is probably different because it's got love in it. Like I'm at the part where he called her over in the cafeteria to sit by him alone and he says her friends are jealous he stole her away because he may not give her back. *swoon.

Sometimes you need an easy read and this is perfect for that.

And I'm pretty sure I'm going to dream of Edward Cullen... I mean Robert Pattison :)

*btw, since i saw the movie first- i have to say in my opinion, they totally picked the right actor to play the part. TOTALLY.

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Being Brazen said...

gotta say I have been on the "dark side" a while. I adore Robert pattinson for the part of Edward.

I read ALL the books before i saw the movie.

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