Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Secret To My Parent's Marriage.

My parents are too cute!
After 38 years of marriage, when flowers doesn't cut it, my dad will ask forgiveness with this:

*note, the food was already consumed :)

busit is my pappa's nickname for my Momma. It means "hard headed" in filipino. lol And the monster is a family joke haha

my Pappa isn't really scary, look at him!

in fact, my Pappa was nominated for the County's Hispanic Male of the Year. LOL!!! I'm so proud of him :) we have no idea who nominated him. My momma thought it was me, cos truth be told- My pappa is my favorite man in the world!!! but alas, it wasn't me... so I'm even more proud!!! Though truth be told, my pappa is the whitest Mexican I know. :)


Mixitalian said...

Oh how I miss my secondary parents... MUAH.. That gives me hope that one day I might have another chance at Marriage. Thanks busit and monster for giving me hope..

Nagita your blk/white

Meg Fee said...

ohhhhhhhhh girl, i hope he wins!

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