Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nieces are the best!

I happen to think I have the best ones :)
Today is my niece Milen's birthday!!!
she's the BEAUTIFUL girl on the left. Look at those dimples!!!

I wish I could give my brother credit, but her mom Mesale (from Eritrea) is just as beautiful! :)

Milen is the most precious little princess! Her room is in nothing but pink, and she's already got fashion down- she can pull off the skirt and jeans look. I think she gets her fashion taste from her auntie :) Milen is such a darling little girl. I'll ask her how much she loves her auntie Mickey (me) and she says, "too too much!!!" I miss her with all my heart!!!

It really does suck when your nieces live an ocean away (Milen is in Germany, Marina/Sophia in Italy). When my older brother (her Daddy) came to visit while he was on a business trip to the States, he couldn't tell the kiddies that he was in Texas because they would be so sad they couldn't come with him. That's how much they love their aunties. :)

I love you birthday girl Milen!!! I hope you felt like the princess you are today pretty 7-year-old. xo


...love Maegan said...

omg they are stunning!!! just gorgeous!!!

Meg said...

this is just too sweet. and i agree with Maegan, they are so so beautiful (just like their aunt). and while it stinks that they are so far away--those are some damn good places to visit! so if you want to go to Italy or Germany, I'd go with you...just sayin' okay.

Micaela said...

Meg, I am planning a trip to Italy soon...

you could come stay with me in Pisa and we could go to your dream destination... ROMA!!! it WILL happen :)

Maegan you are darling! xo

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