Friday, March 6, 2009

Office Love.

I walked into work this morning and this sweetness welcomed me:
I always joke I'm a Princess :)

It was sooo sweet! I got a lovely bottle of wine and a shot glass necklace. LOL Yes, that will be put to good use. It was sooo very sweet!
Everyone else in the building who's walked in to wish me happy birthday, I've asked them what they were doing when they were 25. I'm getting a lot of great stories. :)

Matt [who's the morning/noon meteorologist at the NBC affiliate here] told me they wished me a Happy Birthday on their morning show. :) I told him i felt like a rock star!!!

I feel like a loved girl.
My office is going out to a birthday lunch. I can't wait! is it okay to have already been hungry at 8:30 this morning? lol

*ps. more on birthday plans later!

1 comment:

EliandMe said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... etc etc. I'm pouring you a virtual cocktail and wishing you many happy returns my darling! x

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