Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I kinda envy her life.

I came upon this lolita-esque girl living in the big City and her life is like a fairy tale. A mix of her boyfriend and their eccentric & fabulous looking friends who are equally beautiful... parties centered around food (from pizza to KFC), drinks, and cigerettes, all captured beautifully in photographs. Oh and twinkle lights. We can't forget those.

I want to have friends over and we can lay on mattresses and laugh until all hours.

If you want a cup of envy, check her out. she does this thing i want to steal: at the end of her blog, she writes - "Translation: Saturday in New York. Summer weather, pizzas and a rooftop party."

I should learn to take photographs.

1 comment:

Volume Two said...

I love Sandra. Her blog makes me so happy.

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