Friday, March 6, 2009

Office Love x2!

Betty works in another office but used to work at the front desk of the Police Department. When i was the weekend reporter at KAUZ, she was SOOO HELPFUL! and seeing her bright and early when i DID NOT want to be at work made my day! She always made sure a Sargent would get back to me on a PD beat. We were both THRILLED when we ran into each other in the restroom at City Hall and figured out we would be working together again :)

This time, with a better schedule (weekends off!!!)
and perhaps, appreciated even more.

She is always so kind to ask me how i am, and after my big heartache... offered her company any time of the day/night if I wanted to talk because she has been there.

Again, she made my day and touched my heart.

The birthday card sings, "You've got a friend in me" when you open it up. Love it!

and the watch! it's gorgeous :) Her co-workers thought it was "so micaela." Just darling!!!!

Betty thank-you!!! You are my dearest friend ALWAYS. xo


Ethan said...

Gorgeous Mickey! Oh and the watch is cute too.

Micaela said...

Ethan you always make me smile! :)

Ethan said...

That's my job, that's why you keep me around!

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