Tuesday, March 24, 2009


this pic reminds me of when i was 10 and i would spend the night at my best friend erienne's house. We lived in Germany and base housing looked like big brown apartment buildings. Her building faced my building.

Erienne's parents went to sleep early [like most parents], so we had to when I spent the night.

My mom has always been a night owl. I knew she would be up. I'd pretend I was going to the bathroom and walk over to Erienne's window in the living room and look out. Sure enough- of all the houses in our big building, the light was on in our living room. I would picture my Momma watching tv... my sisters still up with her. My mom's great big laugh. :)

I wanted to be home. After the playing was done and everything was quiet because night had come, I missed home.

At 25, I still do.

*pic here.


Nicole Marie said...

awww. i always wished i was home too when i went to a sleep over. the play part is fun but i always wanted to be in my own bed

The Socialite said...

Nothing beats a hug from mom at night. This post makes my heart melt! :) I love reading your posts, they're the best serrrriously!

Ethan said...

Aww, this makes me miss Germany :-(

Micaela said...

Socialite, I heart you!!! thank you for your always so very sweetness :)


oh so sweet and sad at the same time... I missed my childhood days by reading this post...
I'm going to miss home and my maman and others soooo much!!! oh I'm going to cry...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful feeling!

Yay to not grown up adults!!!


Tina said...

ah. what a beautiful touching post. reminds me of how much a missed my mom when i went off to college...i think i cried my entire freshman year.

hugs. xo

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