Friday, March 27, 2009


Lovies, I just wanted to let you know how much your sweet words have meant to me... Have encouraged me... Have made me laugh... Have made me feel LUCKY to know you all!!! xo

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, and if it's anything like here in my part of Texas [FREEZING] think Spring thoughts!!!

*truth be told, i have a fear of balloons. I panick they will pop next to me. It's sick really. haha

I'm off after lunch to pick up MAVERICK!!!! yes lovies, Monday I will return to you a puppy owning little blogger!!!! Can't wait to show you her!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!!

happy friday from your excited micaela xo

ps. any exciting plans?

*pic here.


Ethan said...

Happy Friday Lovely!

The Socialite said...

Have a great weekend! Can't wait for Monday's much anticipated pictures! ;)

Meg Fee said...

can't wait to see pics!!!!ahhhhh!!

Sweet Nothings said...

Oh I love the pic you used! and cant wait to seeeeeee your post on monday!!


You've got mail!


Ethan said...

This makes me want to buy you a bouquet of Balloons surrounded by needles :-P.

Micaela said...

all DARLINGS!!! just the very ones I was talking about when I said I was so thankful for each and every sweet comment :) pics to come!!! yay!!!! xo

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