Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to my oldest brother!!!

Today this little baby boy celebrated a birthday many many years ago *wink
37 to be in fact. My oldest brother Miguel (Chet to us family) is celebrating his birthday today!!!
look how happy he was :) [My momma's hands look like Marianne's]

Father & Son :) look at those stylish jeans!
When Chet was little he loved the show Chips and Monkeys :)

Chet was also the one that ruined learning both filipino and spanish for us other siblings.

When he was little, he forgot all his english for filipino that my parents decided to stick with english. They regret it now- i mean we could have all been trilingual! It's okay Chet, we forgive you :) because you were the best oldest brother. [well Marco may not agree!!! haha] Actually, Chet was going off into the army right as I was starting kindergarten and because we didn't really grow up together, Chet you're more of a friend to me; the best kind.

Not only is it my oldest brother's birthday, it's also him and his lovely wife Mesale's wedding anniversary. I think he did that so he wouldn't ever forget it:)

This is them when they first fell in love. Little did they know back then they would be married for 13 years with two beautiful kids in a new beautiful home. My sweet sister-in-law was the best birthday gift and blessing my oldest brother ever received. How she put up with him all these years, we will never know :) but we're glad she did :) because Mesale is also a gift to our family and the sweetest mother to our BEAUTIFUL Mikey & Milen. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!!! xo

Chet- HAPPY BIRTHDAY KISSES!!! i miss you soooo much bro!

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