Tuesday, March 3, 2009


All right, EVERYONE knows my excitement about U2 being on Letterman all night this week [Nagita, thanks for asking me how it was!!! :) ]

Text from C:
"U2 Way is a new street name in NYC! Mayor unveiled it today! Where the streets have no name?! Really?! Lol!"

Me: "That is SOOO COOL! you thought of me! :)"
C: "Of course I did!"

Me: "Me and Bono, we're like this. *crossing fingers."

C: "Haha! You should have known already that it was happening! Lol! It must have slipped his mind last time you guys talked!"

Me: "Hahaha! Just like he failed to tell me he'd be in "Across the Universe!" Poopoachoo! :)"
C: "Haha! You're funny!"

*back story here: When we saw "Across the Universe," it took me a second to see that it was Bono until i heard him. C would NOT let me live that down because he knew RIGHT away. I didn't see the nose!!! I'm sorry Bono! And i always would sing, "Poop-poop-achu" instead of "goo g'joob" [though we heard it as "koo koo kachu!] in "I am the Walrus."

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Mixitalian said...

No Problem.. Thank you for being there for me. I am glad you got to enjoy in your U2 for the week.

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