Monday, March 23, 2009

New Week Already?

Happy Mondays lovies!!!

I hope you took my advice and were ADORED this weekend :)
I had a pretty lovely one full of family, a pedi (i went with black nail polish- not springy but it's me), a great movie [more in love with jason segel!!!], a couple of double cosmopolitans... though i
may have just stayed in saturday night. :) ingredients for a fabulous weekend!

I also talked to my baby nieces via gmail chat. I SOOOO wanted to hold them!!!! look how fast little sophia is growing! she's got some bambi eyes and angelina lips.

*nagita took this pic on her blackberry

my pappa called her penelope cruz. lol twinkie laughed at that! how can you call a little 2 yr old penelope cruz?! lol it was sweet.

Her little hands are so chubby! and she was blowing kisses :) THE FUNNIEST THING though was when she would see me on her screen and go, "Mamma." haha she thought i was my older sister :) TOO CUTE.

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