Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick in the heart.

Hello lovies!

New week, fresh start.
I didn't even write a happy friday. I didn't have it in me. :(

Last week was exhausting and manic really- emotionally draining, happy/sad/no sleep/too much drink. I actually left work early friday from lunch and took a sick day. Again, I'm blessed to have a very caring boss.

but i have all intentions of having a very happy new week!!!! if nothing at all, me and my twinkie are 5 DAYS AWAY from turning my "scary age"- 25! yes, March 7th will be our 25th birthday!!!!

*marianne & me. twinkie souls.

hmmm... not sure how i feel about it. I guess i always assumed by 25 i would know where i was going. If i was more honest- i'd tell you that i thought by 25 i would be married and with child at the end of my 25th year.

maybe that's why i'm so bla.

  • I did enjoy lots of sleep this weekend.
  • I did watch my published friend's band play at an artsy coffee shop (he sang Elton John for me).
  • I did go out with a gf i hadn't hung out with in forever *pics to come. We may or may not have played "never have i ever" at the bar... can i just say, and i thought *i* was crazy!!! lol
  • I did go on a movie date and saw a fun flick i loved! [more soon].
  • I did talk to my babies in italy thru gmail video chat!!!! Look at little sophia. She's growing so fast, it's unfair I can not hold her or brush Marina's hair... Marina who is just like her auntie. ;) we were making faces at each other.
  • I did have a good cry this weekend.

    i hope you lovies had a WONDERFUL weekend to start off this Monday just right, cos honestly, who loves Mondays?!? I don't! So i wore my new Victoria Secret heels!!! ahhh love them!

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EliandMe said...

Sorry to hear last week was so manic, but I don't doubt that this week will be all the more special for it.

p.s. For what it's worth, at 25 years old I was an unlucky-in-love party girl. At 27 years old I had a husband to be and a little boy. I honestly believe it's not just a metter of finding the right person, it's finding the right person at the right time.

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