Friday, March 20, 2009

i heart jason segel

he's my new celeb crush.
i mean doesn't he look like a regular guy you could actually meet around the corner? just out walking?

i kind of dig celebrities like that.
It's not very common you'd run into a guy like brad pitt.
but guys like this (and justin long) it seems possible.
It makes you love them more :)

i fell in love with him when i saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."
he was on the Early Show this morning and told the anchor he collects puppets (ya in real life!) and that makes him kind of "creepy." haha He said all he was looking for in a potential gf was someone that was nice. And funny.

Every interview i've seen him in, he does this nervous laugh. It works.
Jason, I'm nice! i'm funny (sometimes!).

can't wait to see, "I love you Man." What a smart concept!!! we've all had bfs like that :)


hippie soul said...

There is an interview with him in the latest Rolling Stone, and it's good! He's a very different character- which is endearing to me! :)

The Socialite said...

I saw him on Live with Regis & Kelly and he was so funny! I know what you mean. ;)

Malia said...

i love him! i love watching "how i met your mother" and "forgetting sarah marshall." can't wait to see his new movie. when u see it let me know how it is. it'll take a while before i can see it.

Micaela said...

YES jess, EXACTLY!!!

Malia, i facebooked you :) you and hubby MUST see it!!! I need to watch "How I met your mother." I'm embarrassed I haven't seen it yet. That and "The Office!" shh... :)

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