Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in the World of Adults

Even though I'm not completely feeling better, I decided to come into work. I feel guilty being out for a day, let alone two. What is my problem right? lol
but alas, a girl can only take so much of trash tv watching (child pageants on the TLC channel ladies, ya, I needed to be productive!) in pajamas as a hot mess.

darling friend was extra darling to put up with my extra spoiled-ness ;) and even made me soup each night. Last night he made vegetable soup (with potatoes, my fave!) just for me. It meant sooo much.

it was delish!!!

and then today when i came into work, my sweet co-worker Betty had made me a bouquet of kleenex. Isn't that darling?! with rieces pieces and everything. I ADORE IT!!!! Betty is ALWAYS so thoughtful like that. I full heartedly believe that everyone should have a Betty in their office and in their life.

as you can clearly see, I am STILL sick ;) but i didn't care. Betty's out of town at her daughter's college graduation so I HAD to snap a pic to send her.

another great thing about being sick is that you get to catch up on your reading and movie watching. More on that later! xo

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