Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"time on my hands... could be time spent with you"

for as long as i can remember, i've hardly enjoyed weekends off.
i always worked 2 jobs... mostly as a favor, and naturally with my shopping addiction; the extra cash was nice.

i thought i hit the jackpot when a mon-fri 8-5 job fell in my lap, paying me more to do [essentially] less then the news station ever did in 3 years. Even AFTER i put in my two weeks at the station, i worked a month straight with no days off at both jobs to help out anchoring the show i left behind. I can't say no. There was no breaks and no time to really enjoy having weekends off, because shortly after that i started helping out 4 days a week at a friend's restaurant. Most times, i loved "playing waitress." I adored my regulars, most of my co-workers, and my bosses who became family.

tomorrow will be the first day i don't work both jobs. I am no longer going to "play waitress" and this both breaks my heart and yet.... maybe finally i can stop and enjoy life. I've worked it away sometimes, it seems.

In fact, i stayed so long at the restaurant because i felt guilty thinking about how hard my bosses work day in and day out (it's opened 7 days a week 11-11. Can you imagine? it's a mom and pop place, so just two bosses. that's it.) and i wanted to ease their work load as much as possible. More than that, we had fun. Like when Robert brought us lasagna and made it for us. It was a slow night and we all sat down and took a break and ate like a family. I'm going to miss the burrito breakfasts on Saturdays before we opened... the shared groans when that one crazy regular walked in... This year's Superbowl: the 3D glasses we passed out to the kiddies & the pause of silence as everyone took in the commercial... I'm going to miss all that.

i would have never met Travis, had he not walked into our restaurant.
I got to see him and his friends graduate from their training at the Air Force Base here.

below: me and Robert at Falls Fest where I decorated our booth

It's the end of an era.

soon, i hope my guilt and sadness (isn't that weird? to be sad about leaving "manual labor?") will be replaced with early morning coffee out on the porch/Actually catching a live band hit the stage/Not worrying about asking off for said sporting event on the weekend/time with my family/time with love, my love.


hippie soul said...

Oh, I dream of the day I get out of the service industry and back into an 8-5!
Good for you... enjoy your newfound free time! :)

The Socialite said...

Awe this is so sweet. It's moments and fun times like those that sometimes it almost doesn't seem like work. But how much more fun will you be able to have with those people during your free time?!

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