Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Writing on the Wall.

Darling Friend halfway joking and probably more serious said, I know what you're doing/thinking most of the time, through Facebook.

Oh, those facebook statuses.

Out catching the game with a group of friends, my friend Joe sweetly asked me how my heart was? And then i remembered earlier in the day my status said, "Micaela's sick in the heart."

Oh, those facebook statuses.

Glamour's Married Jake had this to say about it all, and it CRACKED me up:

"Facebook is one of the weirdest phenomena ever to hit my generation.

All of a sudden, you have this incredible intimacy with people you haven't seen in twenty years, some of whom you were never that intimate with to begin with. You know whose kids puked last night. You know who loves oatmeal. (Seriously, someone wrote that this morning: I love oatmeal! I'm like: dude, who cares? I wouldn't even write that in my journal, let alone share it with all the five hundred people I know.) And you know who is battling depression (people are open about it) and obesity and divorce and great terrible grief."

Because there's a Gigi in us all, read on to see what Jake says about our boyfriend's looking up their exes online...

And while you're at it, be my friend on FB? Krissa did! if you don't know her, do yourself a favor and check out her cute cute blog, Randomness. Don't we all love Random people? I do!!!!

Micaela Lechuga's Profile
Micaela Lechuga's Facebook Profile

*truth be told, sometimes i have a hard time saying something witty on my status.

anyone else have this problem? here's a cute one, next time you go blank:

"your wall or mine?" ;) ha!

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