Friday, May 8, 2009

Going out with my Mass Comm girls!!!!

lovies this Friday has been crazy!!! I've been running around town for work- dropped off a catering order (oh the life of being in PR) 15 mins late because it wasn't ready... had a lovely lunch with my working girl friends downtown at a CHARMING new spot called "The Traveling Bistro" and then rushed to a big girl meeting concerning swine flu. WOW.

the business part of my Friday is done with. Tonight i'm attending the Mass Communications banquet at my alma mater. Mass Communications was my major, with a minor in Broadcast Journalism. It's the department's 25th anniversary so i received an invitation. I'm COMPLETELY excited because i have a pretty good relationship with all my former professors, including my now boss :). My boss is really fun and she's set to join us for a drink afterwards.

I LOVE my Mass Comm girls. LOVE them! not all of them could make it tonight :( but i am so glad we still have each other. We've seen each other get started on careers, leave jobs, get married, have babies, and unfortunately in some cases (like myself) been thru some heartbreaks. We still have each other. That's what matters. I can not wait to catch up!!! These girls MADE my college life.

My Jess, me, & Maggie in Ft. Worth celebrating our gf Adrian's Bachelorette Party
sooo long ago.

jenny & i out and about on a school nite ;)

Here was last year, after the banquet.

I am SOOO excited!

My Mass Comm girls, drinks out at our old "college" bar Toby's, before heading downtown to the Pub for some Dan Dyer. He is ABSOLUTELY my favorite musician to see live. He's from Austin and is AH-MAZING. Lenny Kravitz signed him. He is very very talented eye candy to watch.

A FRIDAY, indeed!!! and darling friend is getting dragged out to all of this ;) good times to be had, i hope you all do as well! Can't wait to read all about it on your beautiful blogs!

your busy bee, Micaela xo

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